Rise from the Ashes

by Elegiac



music / lyrics - zane young
recorded at sacrificial sounds
san diego california
artwork - warhead art


released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Elegiac San Diego, California

One man band from San Diego, California. Currently located in Portland, Oregon. All music and lyrics written by Zane Young.

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Track Name: The Imminent Cleanse
shedding my consciousness layer by layer
morality becoming foreign moving toward a primal force
desperate for seclusion and departure from societies cage
system collapsing under the weight of the clusterfuck
the masses destined to expire under the weight of their delusions
emasculated and erased , a false utopia with false security
fake hope without an ounce of pride left
addicted to lives of unadulterated excess
ungrateful, selfish, useless and expendable
the imminent cleanse of civilization is upon us now
a return to the soil and the dawn of a stronger age
Track Name: Rise from the Ashes
born again from the fires of the ancients
sons of Wotan alive for the hunt
strong and pure with unrelenting might
an ancient race of warriors before me
the only gods i can remember
a new order will rise with a vision of strength
cleanse the unwilling and unable
the cesspool of domestication fragile as glass
awaiting the doors of chaos to be unhinged by fury
let the hate scream through your veins
a surge of power like nothing felt before
a witness in the war of everything
raging on until the end of time
the laws will fall silent as we rise from the ashes
an immortal bloodline of heroes unbroken by the ages
Track Name: Archaic Wisdom
feeling a connection to archaic wisdom
a vessel of infinite potential
conjuring deaths vitality
possessed by a will to dominate
disconnection from domestication
a chance for survival hangs in the balance
destiny unlocked and the mind unhinged
isolation like fuel for the spirit
children of an ancient race
ancient beauty, ancient power
reborn from the ashes
to conquer a weakening world
incarnations of powerful gods
once a perfect image of man
establishing immortality through blood and art
mastering the forces of the dark
when the sheep rise to power
the wolves will devour
when the sheep rise to power
we will devour
Track Name: Aurelian Fortress
a primal breath fills my lungs
unlocking the secrets that have always been
life force lost into the arms of naught
surrounded by the smoke and fog
stone towers of burning iron
illuminate my dark path
as dirt and ash choke the wind
blistering and congealed
the aurelian fortress emerges
shining in the light of the burning sun
high above the clouds and men with the flesh of worms
scorched by fire in the golden fields of grain
traversing the valleys of the consciousness
atop the back of beasts
into the arms of naught
never to be seen again
Track Name: The Dungeon of Existence
mistaken angels claw at my eyes and throat
lungs scarred and choked
breathless and void of motion
disappearing into the vacuum of the universe
the dungeon of existence , vast and deep
falling forever in a chasm of anguish
gripping the walls of my own sanity
nails slowly grind down to the bone
descent into this place i once escaped
my mind, a prison of hell
swallowed again into familiar darkness
and easy place to fall but impossible to rise
Track Name: Native Soil
a solitary heathen with burning ambition
desperate to know the secrets of the universe
rekindling the flames of strength and pride
sweat and blood my offerings to the past
my journey towards native soil
treacherous but not without reward
the memories in my blood
finally clear and undistorted
visions of the past, civilizations isolated
genetic perfection, purity of bloodlines
the survival of immortal blood
beyond the cage of the flesh
comfort has bred contempt
and peace will never please me for long
the delusion of utopia an unattractive curse
destined to crumble to the ground
destined to crumble into the ground
Track Name: Astral Migration
black whirlwinds of cosmic dust
swallow the earth time and time again
forbidden lights shine in the distance
a beacon of strength and prosperity
a thousand shards of shattered life
shattered to pieces with no hope to return
every neuron falling silent without connection
awaiting the astral migration back to dust
inanimate matter floating peacefully into the vacuum