Elegiac​/​Mount Depression Split

by Elegiac



released March 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Elegiac San Diego, California

One man band from San Diego, California. Currently located in Portland, Oregon. All music and lyrics written by Zane Young.

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Track Name: Omen of Impending Death
sorcery of the mind
transcendence of the flesh
in flawless isolation
thoughtless serenity
return to nothingness
matter in space
riding the windless vacuum
of the void
destruction everywhere
meant for no one
in the relentless wilderness
of chaotic beauty
the omen of impending death
shadows my every step
as i walk blindly
into the chasms
of the endless abyss
the omen of impending death...
Track Name: Pale Corpse
feel the bite of my steel
through your feeble heart
and drain every ounce
of your fucking blood
a pale corpse
dragged through the earth
and thrown in the river
no shame for what I've done
you deserved to die
by my hands and my hands only...
no longer tortured
by the weight
of my task
release thine life
and watch the chains fall