Elegiac​/​Dormant Seed Split

by Elegiac



Zane Young : music/lyrics


released August 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Elegiac San Diego, California

One man band from San Diego, California. Currently located in Portland, Oregon. All music and lyrics written by Zane Young.

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Track Name: Pure Dead Silence
silence falls over the landscape
such pure dead silence...
without an ounce of wind
cold and alone...

consciousness free at last
from the bonds of time
from the constraints of space
from the limits of the flesh
Track Name: Solace
the eyes of mortality
gaze upon me
conscious of every move
anxious for me to fail
with open arms
waiting to guide me to safety
how it yearns for me to die
for my life to slip away
and how i secretly want to expire
and slowly dissolve
into the calm expanse
of nothingness
one with the darkness
strength in the solace
no longer suffering
the physical pain
of life
dark spiritual energy...
dark rivers of unholy agony...