Edge of Reason

by Elegiac



released June 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Elegiac San Diego, California

One man band from San Diego, California. Currently located in Portland, Oregon. All music and lyrics written by Zane Young.

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Track Name: Strike the Hammer
time blurred
erased from existence
the screams are endless
the cries of the dying
tormenting the stillness of the night
the chorus of the burning pit
echoes forever
through the forest of my ancestors
striking the hammer
of soul crushing hate
against the bones
of my enemies
unquenchable hate
for the species of man
the rabid dogs
beasts of burden
tragedy surrounds
each of us
constant chaos
stirring the pot
surrender yourself to imminent demise
and let the darkness carry you far
Track Name: Darkest Realms
carrier of the black arts
master of the darkest realms
ultimate shamer of weakness
despiser of the worthless
god of my destiny
king of consciousness
neurons firing wildly
thoughts are slowing
Track Name: Sickening Hunger
broken down lifeforms
in the freezing cold
a sickening hunger
strikes the flesh
no will to carry on
left in the snow
waiting for winters end
to finally rot my body away
cruelty in the highest form
crushing my psyche
distortion of miserable
fathomless existence
eroding my pride
like waves against the rocks
as the elements
strip my ego away
scream toward the cosmos
let my consciousness free
release me into
the black sea of space
Track Name: Howling Wind
the howling wind
tears at my flesh
in perfect darkness
reality dissolved
the scent of pine
fills my lungs
removed from culture
in isolated existence
scribe of death
carrying the black flame
across the desolate landscape
of disdain
trudging forever
through the darkness
the light will never
reach me here
no eyes left to see
to absorb that golden flame
that scorches my flesh
that burns my eyes
Track Name: Edge of Reason
at the edge of reason
ready to leap
off the cliff
of despair
hoping to be swallowed
by the black poison water
of the sea
the innate calling
of primal intentions
hanging over me
like death
genetic motivations
drive my bones
while i cradle my sanity
i'm told the dead
are no longer alone
and we shall see...