Dormant Seed / Empty Gods / Doomwake / Elegiac Split

by Elegiac



released February 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Elegiac San Diego, California

One man band from San Diego, California. Currently located in Portland, Oregon. All music and lyrics written by Zane Young.

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Track Name: Torch of Eternity
the fire of lineage
centuries old
saturated by secrets
of an ancient balance
my pride burning
like flames in the fall
cutting through the darkness
of the coldest night
born from the strength
of my ancestral gods
carrying the torch
of eternity
through the tortured landscape
raped by the desert god
a state of balance
still awaits in the distance
Track Name: Golden Age
driven by a cosmic source
deep within the grey coagulations
of my memory
an origin forgotten
but not erased
the glory of the past
always calling to me
gripping at my pale
bastard flesh
the golden age
of our ancestors
true embodiments
of the gods
never to rest
or cease to fight
until balance
is restored
until our culture
is reclaimed
from the worms
of judeo-christ
who destroyed our world
and destroyed our minds