Black Clouds of War

by Elegiac

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Charles Elegiac plays unmistakable black metal, but each song is diverse; much more than a few tremolo chords that seem to be the norm with so many other mysterious one-man projects. Every track is distinct, bringing its own arsenal of riffs and style to the table. Some are aggressive, unforgiving blasts, others depressive and introspective journeys, and there are a few moments of dreamy acoustic interludes. There's so much melody packed into this album; a very enjoyable listen from beginning to end. Favorite track: Heathen Supremacy.


All music and lyrics written by Zane Young
Recorded and Mixed at Sacrificial Sounds, San Diego California
Mastered by Charlie Koryn at The Underworld Studio, Portland Oregon
Cover artwork by Warhead Art


released June 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Elegiac San Diego, California

One man band from San Diego, California. Currently located in Portland, Oregon. All music and lyrics written by Zane Young.

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Track Name: Black Clouds of War
Black clouds of war
Suffocating the horizon
With glowing reflection
Of our victory
Offering our strength
To a new dawn
Shining in the bloody light
Of the distant sun
Waves of destruction
Crashing against
The Abrahamic plague
And the swarm of spineless
Human rats
Giving birth to a new age
Of heathen might and heathen pride
Honoring the bloodlines
From which we came
Burning with loyalty
To the forgotten roots
Channeling the anguish
Of pagan gods
A thunderous fury
Ringing through me
To regain our cultures from immigrant faith
Track Name: Cosmic Holocaust
Dismantled organization
Chaos at the core
The curse of death
For everything living
Temporary existence
Of constant turmoil
Without any answer
Of meaning or origin
Predisposition to expire
The degradation of matter
In the vacuum of endless death
Only moments of clarity arise
Dead forever in a dead wind
In a dead cosmos
Another victim
Of the cosmic holocaust
A propagator of terror
Floating with the unconscious
A fatherless bastard
Devouring souls
Moving towards perfection
Of body and mind
To reach the realms
Of forgotten gods
Dead forever in a dead wind
In a dead universe
Another victim of the cosmic holocaust
Track Name: Beyond the Physical Realm
Ascension beyond the physical realm
Into nothingness
Perfect silence
A Blackness so pure
Nothingness so profound
The emptiness calling
With open arms
The warm embrace of death
Calling my name
The bliss of nonexistence
The collapse of the consciousness
Beautiful void
Saturated with apathy
Floating away into the eternal realm
Unaltered allegiance
To the darkness
The infinite source
Of heathen strength
Walking outside
The plane of existence
Learning the secrets
Of the ancient past
Track Name: Heathen Supremacy
Wisdom of the ages
Ancient and primal
Thousands of years
Of memories in my blood
Immortal chains of strength
Since the dawn of time
Ancient origins
Of hidden creation
The strength of our gods
Raging on for eternity
The wisdom in our blood
Shining on until the end of time
Integrity and honor
The highest virtues forgotten
Setting fire to the wealth
Of the desert beast
Eradicating the Abrahamic pestilence
From our homelands
And let heathen supremacy reign
Over the hordes of the earth
Track Name: The Hanging Head of Death
Resting forever under the hanging head of death
Feeling tomorrows sickness in every breath
My heavy eyes gaze upon the painted sky
From the shallow depths of my grave
The end of life and the will to live
Have sufficed and bittered with age
Suffocate every beam of light
And send me into eternal thoughtless night
Resting forever under the hanging head of death
Flooded with memories of times long forgotten
Track Name: Symbols of Power
Vast cavities of existence
Hollow wretched and bleak
Complete desolation of senses
Thrust into a serotonin void
Black murky waters flooded by constant turbulence
And hungry archetypes of the mind
Sleep arrives like ocean tides
An ancient passage to ancient worlds
Surrounded by symbols of power
Entering the gateway of spiritual dominance
Track Name: Creatures of Night
Creatures of night, thirsty for blood
Hide from the light under the moon
Children of night, slithering lifeless
Into the sea of the gnosis
Deciphering a cosmic language unheard but felt
Conjuring the ancient wisdom of the ancestral elite
Reason cannot grasp this power that consumes
Every fiber in my flesh
Heroic mortals immortalized as gods
Extreme forms of humanities expression
The creatures of night thirsty for human blood
Scour the universe for life to devour
Track Name: Visions
Caverns of the psyche sheltered from the light
Choking on smoke, a crippling vice
The fangs of anxiety gnawing at my heels
My lungs gasping for new breath
Roaming the earth tired and heavy
Doomed with the weight of consciousness
Soaring with the dead through soundless space
Flooded with visions of memories long erased
A vessel of ancient energy
Walking in the modern realms
Observing the shameful existence of what once was beautiful
Mankind’s glorious past buried and stolen
Thousands of years of spiritual cultivation, broken